7 Leaders Historical Adventure Park and Garabonciás Farm

The park gives you an imaginary time travel from the conquest until the present day,
and it can be training venues, or also a special wedding or green camp venue.

The creators has set the goal to the Adventure Park to become a meeting place for generations. The location fits perfectly into the national curriculum requirements, which supports learning by doing, so the gained knowledge can be utilized in practice.

The Adventure Park undetected helps to form and strengthen patriotism. A visit to the Adventure Park offers a fun package, which is not only „stimulus” for the eyes and mouth, but also for the body and the mind.

The permanent exhibition of Hungarian kings Portrait Gallery in the yurt tents presents the Conquest history of the region in a unique way. The permanent exhibition is based on recent archaeological-anthropological research and on the available historical sources, presented on the most authentic way to teach and entertain the visitors with great knowledge of the region.

In addition, the play and the gastronomic specialties ensure that all ages of the family can truly relax. The little ones most popular favorit thing is the pettig zoo.

What can  you find at the Garabonciás Historical Adventure Park?