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Kilátó Borozó

8749 Zalakaros, Kilátó út 44.
Kilátó Borozó


Phone: 0693701010

Website: kilatoborozo.hu/

Email: zsoltdemeny@gmail.com

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

The oven was possible for the construction of baked dishes. Also we welcome you to taste the area’s finest roast meats and hungarian strudels. Consumption of wine and a good addition to a breathtaking panorama.

We welcome you with love.

The Kilato is one of the nicest tourist places in Zalakaros.

This beautiful place is set in woodlands and forests and as the most spectacular views. It is very easy to reach by car and from the town center it is a twenty minute walk.

The Kilato or observation tower was rebuilt in 2005 and measures 16 meters high. From the top of the tower or Kilato the panoramic views are breath taking. The Kis-Balaton and the Badacsony hill can be seen in the distance.

There is a wine bar and restaurant is undercover and is surrounded by colorful flowers, here you can take refreshment in a very nice environment.

Every second evening we provide live music for our guests enjoyment.

We have a good selection of quality wines from Transdanubia and the surrounding areas which will suit everyones taste.

Our speciality is meat goulash and bean goulash which is cooked out side and served with crusty bread.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Kilato.