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Nagyapám Borozója

8749,Zalakaros,Zalagyöngye u.36
Nagyapám Borozója


Phone: +3620/9531822

Website: www.facebook.com/Nagyap%C3%A1m-Fogad%C3%B3ja-Gasthaus-me

Email: nagyapamfogadoja.zalakaros@gmail.com

Opening hours: Nyári szezonban: 17.00-22.00

Grandfather's Parlor awaits its dear guests with a vintage inside, a beer-garden, delicious hungarian wines, many kinds of schnaps, real hungarian flavours, domestic goat cheese, country ham, charcoal-grilled meat and fish, and furnace-baked dishes.

Grandfather's Inn provides culinary delights and quality accomodazion for those who are looking for hotel standards within the framework of a guesthouse-offered independency. We welcome You.