Indoor and outdoor adventure bath

Indoor and outdoor adventure bath.

Guests visiting the Bath of Zalakaros can enjoy the services of the indoor and outdoor adventure bath throughout the year. The pool complex with more than 20 kinds of water attraction provides enjoyable recreation to every age-group, it gives the feeling of wellness. People wanting to relax are welcomed by wide resting spaces where the resting beds are available free of charge.

It promotes relaxation after the weekdays full of work it helps to recreate, with its restful, beneficial effect it contributes to the maintenance of the physical and mental health.

From the indoor adventure pool a direct exit leads to the outdoor pool. The caressing waves of the thermal water and crystalline air of Zala have a beneficial effect on the general condition summer and winter.

Black hole” slide

In the continuously winding, completely covered tube-like indoor black hole slide different light and colour effects make shooting more joyful and more special to adults and older children alike. The slide is equipped with a stop-watch thus sliding people can even compare their skills.

Night bathing party for partying people

Popular night bathing parties are organised with special underwater lighting, in intimate environment. During the night bathing we welcome everyone with thematic programmes, a broadcaster, lighting, a DJ, a star-guest, games and valuable prizes! You can find the next date in the PROGRAMMES menu item.

Indoor children's world

The “Vízipók-Csodapók” (Swimming-spider-Wonder-spider) children’s world, well-known from the open-air bath, is available in indoor space as well, which offers adventure both to the young and older children on several floors. Above the pool space you can move from island to island on hanging corridors and fight a water battle with cannons.

The water depth of the pools serves the adventure of both the littlest and older children, with water toys corresponding to the age-groups and slides of different degrees of difficulty.

Watery playground for babies and toddlers

On the watery playground established for the littlest children the water-level is so low that even toddlers can be let in without fear so that they can splash about in the water to their liking. The flower-shaped water see-saw will definitely be the favourite one of the children.

Children’s pool and slides for small children

The yellow tube and the purple wave slide starting from the island above the pools are the favourite ones of the kindergartners and school-children. The depth of the pool of arrival is safe also for children that cannot swim.

Anaconda slide and jungle gym with water rope for the older children

The half-open and half-closed anaconda slide starts from the floor of the children’s world. The time of the slide is showed by a stop-watch, thus even races can be organized. The jungle gym with the rope is a real challenge and contest to the braver children but it is worth the effort in order to plash into the pool from as high as possible.

For every member of the family: children’s sauna, salt sand-pits, salt chambers

Beside the watery adventures a family sauna heated up to 40-45 Celsius welcomes the guests, which is special because children and parents can share the experience of the sauna together.
At the same place a salt chamber, a salt-pit with toys and a panorama Finn sauna for adults were also established.

Dry adventures

On the gallery of the children’s world dry playgrounds make the possibility of amusement more colourful. Building castles, jungle gym, hill-climbing – only fantasy can set limits. Our animators make the time spent here unforgettable with organized programmes.

Gastronomy, catering

In the adventure bath a family restaurant, a buffet and outside in the summer season an intimate cocktail-bar can be found next to the pool. The restaurant and buffet offer a wide choice of meals, drinks, desserts and snacks loved by children. The favourable prices and quick service allow that plenty of time is devoted to watery adventures!

Relax zone

On both floors wide resting spaces are available to the guests, with modern furniture, what is more, an aquarium is placed in the brand-new resting zone. We established a baby-mother room expressly for mothers, where they can get the babies off to sleep under quiet, calm and intimate circumstances.


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