Indoor bath

The oldest unit of the thermal bath, that has become one of the town’s symbols, the characteristic indoor bath with fan-tail roof, underwent a complete renovation and reconstruction in 2013. Beside the two sitting bath thermal water pools a pool with thermal water, suitable for swimming was also built, where guests can warm up their muscles by swimming between the treatments, supplementing them. Water gymnastics was given a new pool, specifically established for movement in water. Resting space was also extended, where our guests can use the resting beds free of charge, thereby enjoying the pleasure of recovery in a more pleasant environment.

The indoor bath can be visited with the basic admission-ticket every day of the year and guests arriving for therapy can also spend their time in this unit with the tickets purchased in the form supported by the National Health Insurance Fund.

The therapeutic division rendering a wide range of services can be found in the building of the indoor bath, with watery treatments on the ground-floor (mud-pack, weight-bath, underwater jet massage, water gymnastics, tubbing, effervescent bath, etc.) and dry treatments upstairs (massage, electrotherapy, remedial gymnastics, etc.).