Zalakaros város

Dear Guests,

I hope that I will have the possibility to greet you, not only through in internet, but in person too, while you visit our city. So far, we have had nearly 25 million visitors, which may indicate that Zalakaros has something that few other cities have: one of Europe’s best medicinal waters, a bath that offers extensive possibilities to all generations, and ensures relaxation and recreation to our guests, and a wonderful provincial atmosphere; all of which are ingredients of the complete picture.

What are exactly these ingredients?

Our colourful and unique gastronomic offering, a selection of wines ranging from local specialities to top wine brands, as well as typical meals to accompany these wines to further highlight their “brilliance”. Our accommodation offering extends from the homely private apartments to all inclusive four-star hotels. The diverse environment featuring woods, hillside vineyards and the Kis-Balaton valley provide a unique landscape, fresh air, as well as a scene for excursions and sporting to our visitors. The city is decorated with flowers from early spring to late fall; this is why it has won the titles “Hungary’s most flowered city” and “Europe’s flower city”. In addition to offerings of Zalakaros, there are other places in the region worth to see, such as the natural and historical treasures of Kis-Balaton, the sights of Zalavár, the monument of Cyrill and Method, the buffalo reservation of Kápolnapuszta, and Kányavári island. Being in the neighbourhood, Nagykanizsa, Keszthely, and Lake Balaton offer further leisure and cultural opportunities.

Please, visit our city! Both myself and all citizens of Zalakaros are happy to see you!

The Mayor