Nagybakónak – Kőszikla-canyon

You can reach the municipality of Nagybakónak by leaving the old Main Road Nr. 7. This beautiful small village is a favoured excursion site.

It is no surprise that the municipality and its surroundings is a favoured starting point of excursions, as the Kőszikla-canyon offers visitors an exciting experience. This place is called Kicikla (kisszikla = small rock) in the vernacular.

Start towards the west and follow the blue sign to reach the three springs. The Árpád-spring is a memorial spring without any water. Follow the blue triangle sign to discover the beauties of the canyon. The ever deepening steep sandstone walls are an eyesight. Should you arrive after a rainy day then you can gaze at the sight of the adjacent walls. The water flowing at the bottom of the canyon arises from the rocks and trickles from the walls. While walking along the canyon, do not forget to observe the protected plant species, such as the purple cyclamen, the primrose, the mezereon, the black byrony, the vetch, and the liverwort.