Open- air bath

From May to October we welcome our guests seeking rest and active recreation outdoor, in a pleasant, parked environment, under umbrageous trees. The open-air bath was continuously developed and extended according to the trends of tourism industry, due to which a quiet, calm zone, perfectly suitable for rest and a bustling, milling adventure bath are well separated.

Our pools

Sport pool – in its shallow part you can play ball and water games, in its deeper middle part a zone devoted to swimming can be found and in its deepest part you can plash into the cool foams from a jumping stage.

Pool with medicinal water – an outdoor pool filled with medicinal water for the guests seeking recovery. Due to the fresh air and shadowing they can do this in a pleasant environment.

Pool with thermal water – scene of water gymnastics.

Family pool – a pool with different depths of water for each member of the family. Here you can jump, slide and the adventurous ones testing their strength, can clamber on the water path.

Children’s pool – the pool established for young children is made interesting by the gargoyle in the middle, looking like a hedgehog.

Wave bath – the continuously deepening wave pool invokes real seaside feeling, where the start of the seaside storm is indicated with a bell twice in every hour.

Family and extreme slide park

The slide complex of the bath consists of an 81 meters long “Anaconda", two “Kamikazes" and a family ramp slide with 3 paths. The big slides can be used from the age of 12 and the family slide from the age of 3.

The novelty of the summer of 2016 will be the Adrenalin Slide Park connected to the slide park of the bath and containing extreme slide elements. With its starting height of nearly 20 meters, the complex consisting of 5 new slides rises from its surroundings and attracts the age-group over 14, seeking excitement to adventures.
The use of the slides is included in the admission-ticket to the bath, no additional fee has to be paid.

Outdoor children’s world

The well-known hero of the underwater dreamland, Swimming-spider-Wonder-spider and his friends encompass children that can get from one adventure to the other one on a rope made of spider-web.
The Swimming-spider-Wonder-spider Tale Bath of Zalakaros welcomes children in the age from 0 to 12 years with more than 60 kinds of water attraction, on 400 m2, with a multi-storey pool complex.
On the lower floor of the double-deck pool they can splash about in the water under sun-blinds, they can swim in the mysterious caves of the water-world and can get through gates and flowers that sprinkle water spray. Slides of different colours and shapes offer adventure, beside the anaconda and the mini black hole rainbow slides invite the brave adventurers and children wanting to fight can fight a battle with water-cannons.

Neckermann Lollo & Bernie Kid’s Club play court:

In the Lollo & Bernie Club House located hard by the Swimming-spider-Wonder-spider Tale Bath and operated under the aegis of the Neckermann a prepared team of animators welcomes young and older children with different programmes on each day of the week. In the playing house children can participate in creative courses all day: drawing competition, making costumes and grease-paint are permanent parts of the programmes. 

In addition to the programmes a climbing tower waits for the braver children, in the court they can find a climbing wall, jungle gym, see-saw and many outdoor toys.

You can enter for the programmes, competitions in the Club House, competitions start from here and at the end of the day, as a part of the programme, the court may change into a dance floor.

Children can find many surprises, interesting, funny tasks.