The new space, as an outdoor event venue, can provide room for a large audience of concerts and other events, and also has green space features.

The space planning consisted of 3 units. At the level of Termál Street, terraces and an obstacle-free ramp lead from the lower square to the central square. From the Thermal street, an imposing fountain gives the character of the settlement centre and the spa town. On the south-western side of the area, a community space was established in the surroundings of the visitor's building, but it is divided with green islands.

The new departure building provides a place for cultural and artistic programs, and also functions as a starting and / or arrival point for guaranteed programs available in the town. In the centre, we have set up a reception area, a play area, a café, an information desk, an event hall for 200 people, a finishing kitchen, a cloakroom, a warehouse and sanitary units.

The server “B” building (changing room) of the current Sports Centre has been rebuilt, on its lowest level there is a stage supply room, a public toilet block, a changing room and a sanitary unit for the performers, and upstairs there are also service rooms for the performers.

A covered stage was built in front of the building. The zone in front of the stage will serve as the auditorium for major events which will welcome approximately 3,000 people. 2 semi-detached winehouses will be built in the square, as well as another 6 public utilities necessary for the later construction of 6 more semi-detached winehouses.

We have established a parking lot on the southeast side of the event venue and a new pedestrian crossing on Termál Street, arriving from the event venue. The landscaping of the area of the already existing sports field and the walkway on the eastern side ensure a functional and aesthetic connection with the Arboretum.

The Arboretum has been expanded with new promenades and many new elements of experience. The northern area of the park opens with two new promenades leading towards Park Street, in this part visitors can take advantage of the opportunities provided by a sunbathing lawn, a Kneipp treadmill, and a new bridge.

The promenade has been equipped with solar, led lighting. The lighting technology of the Outdoor Cinema has also been renewed. The playground located in the park has been expanded with new swings that parents can also use. On the place of the current football field, an active fitness park as well as a 400 m per 1.2 m wide recortan running track provide sports opportunities for those looking for active recreation. You can find a drinking fountain next to the fitness park and the playground. A space surveillance system has been set up to ensure public safety. In the development area, a cohesive promenade will lead from the Arboretum to Dísz Square, with uniform street furniture and plants. The Dísz Square will be expanded with street furniture, a rose garden and information boards displaying the unified image of Zalakaros. In addition to the tourinform office and the bicycle centre, a new electric bicycle charging station has been located.

The investment began on 14 November, 2019 and it was completed on 11 December, 2020.

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