What people are saying

Zalakaros through the eyes of Ágnes and Zoltán

Ágnes (67): During this week we spent in Zalakaros my joint pains have significantly subsided, not only as a result of several hours’ bathing at the spa and relaxation every day, but also the packs and medical treatments prescribed by the specialist.
By the end of the week, I was the briskest at the morning aqua gymnastics.

Zoltán (71): I have not had experiences like here since I was a young man. For instance, I sat in the shade of a wine cellar and watched the sunset with a good glass of wine in my hand. The green landscape, the long afternoon walks in the neat parks and the flowery town and the smile in the face of the local people, they all made me young again.

Zalakaros through the eyes of Gabor and Anna

Gábor (45): As if I had been relieved of an overwhelming burden. I left behind the stress I brought home from my job in the pools of Zalakaros, at the shore of Little Lake Balaton, at the end of a fishing rod, at the lookout and at one of the pleasant little restaurants, next to the cottage cheese strudel. My wife says I should exercise more. During our stay in Zalakaros I really did many kinds of sports like tennis, riding, and swimming.

Anna (39): If I had to put up a ranking, I would say the foot massage lasting an hour was the best. It would be followed by the Jacuzzi and the daily sauna ceremony. I would also mention the bike tour and the moment as I was the first to reach the hilltop and the landscape unfolded itself before me. I almost forgot the evening meals and varied entertainment. My husband should learn dancing, that’s all what we need.

Zalakaros through the eyes of Márk and Lilla

Márk (9): Lilla didn’t take the chance to slip down the waterslides. She didn’t want to come near the animals at the buffalo reserve, as opposed to me. She was quite afraid of riding a horse and had fears as we looked at the houses from above during a pleasure flight. But she showed much courage when she patted little animals in the neighbouring village. Although she’s just a girl, she ate up a whole platter of hash browns one evening. We tried all the pools at the open-air bath and went to see the puppet-show together on Main Square. I liked the cake called Karos Cube very much. I hope we’ll come back next year.

Lilla (7): I liked the big open-air bath, many pools and trees and the water mushroom under which I could hide from Mum, and she couldn’t see me. We joined in many music and dance events and I also won the drawing competition.
I had a huge swirl ice every afternoon as we came from the playground.

Zalakaros through the eyes of Gergő and Julcsi

Gergő (28): My sweetheart and I are both very active people. We were not disappointed in our expectations in Zalakaros. We could try everything; cycling, quad, bowling, billiard, hiking, and parties at night. We were not bored the day after either; we took pleasure in wellness, swimming, and the wild water adventure pool. And what we’ll never forget was the moment as I proposed marriage to her in a hot-air balloon...

Julcsi (23): 1 could finally read through a book on the sunbathing terrace. I moved my boyfriend to spend a romantic evening at the open-air cinema. I also tried karaoke singing and we took part in a fancy wine-tasting session where I had the tastiest hot cheese scones of my life. Whether we’ll stay at a hotel or a private accommodation, I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll come to Zalakaros next year again.