Adventure Park

09. 09. 2016.
Adventure Park

Adventure Park at the Kis (Small) Balaton

If you spend the weekend at the Balaton or in Zalakaros with your family, an unmissable programme is the KalandoZoo of Zobor located in Zalaszabar, in 5 minutes’ drive from the bathing town.

The beautiful panorama of the Kis–Balaton enchants us immediately but only a look has to be cast to the adventure park and adrenalin starts to incandesce immediately…

A real arsenal of slides aligns here, in several variations, in all the colours of the rainbow both outside and inside in the slide house if everything fails, in case it is raining. On the snow doughnut ice-run you can enjoy sledging even without snow, you can hurl, wind in huge rubber rings, on the jumping course you literally can fly towards the Kis-Balaton! If you tried free fall with pleasure, you can do it not only on the slide but also virtually: in the newest 4XD cinema anything can happen on an adventurous day.

The littlest ones do not mope either: mini drags, baby rope-way, petting zoo, playing house, competitions wait for them. Children’s paradise with a vengeance! For parents as well!