Medicinal Centre

Medicinal centre is mainly preferred by guests visiting the bath for therapeutic purposes. The roofed, wood-structured building provides pleasant environment to people that would like to rest, where a bigger and two smaller pools with medicinal and thermal water of different temperatures can be found. This unit welcomes guests throughout the year. In the garden belonging to the medicinal centre you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the medicinal water in a half-roofed pool with medicinal water, in a quiet park, in the fresh air, from early spring until late autumn.

The medicinal centre can be visited with a complex admission-ticket, which includes also the use of resting beds.

Sauna court

In the spaces of the sauna district established in the building of the medicinal centre and in the adherent garden a sauna house, steam bath and aroma sauna welcome the guests. After “heating” we offer cooling as well, with immersion tub, bucket shower and a special ice dispenser.

Our qualified sauna masters hold sauna sittings on each day of the week, twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, during which they heat the cabin gradually up with aromatic pours thereby guaranteeing acclimatization and the real experience of using the sauna. If necessary, they render adequate information on the issues about the correct use of the sauna and they check the observance of the rules of using the sauna.

One of the bath’s favourite units is open throughout the year. The sauna court can be visited with a supplementary ticket that can be bought to the basic and to the complex ticket as well or it can be visited with the admission-ticket to the sauna court combined with the preferential complex ticket. We provide sauna blankets against deposit.