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Learn about Zalakaros with us! Taste wine! Feel the wonderful smell of the countryside!

We are doing our best to focus on the presentation of the beauty and magic of this landscape to as many domestic and foreign tourists as possible, to make your stay here a real experience and enrich our guests with pleasant memories for a lifetime.

In Zalakaros, you should not miss the sightseeing tour with DOTTO Tourist Train!

It will crown even your most beautiful day!

Sitting on the DOTTO Tourist Train and listening to the presentation of the guide, you will find yourself in a world of which you might even have been unaware of. During your trip, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding houses, hotels, city parks and well-maintained parkland walkways. During the sightseeing, we will visit the spa, the city centre, the Main Square, the arboretum, the church, the playground of European standard, the series of restaurants, the confectionery shop, St. Stephen’s Square, the school, the kindergarten and the pottery workshop. Upon request, we will go up to Arany Cellar and St. Orban winery, located in the series of wine cellars where you can consume fine local wines and dishes. Travelling by the train through the pretty floral streets, we will reach the Park Forest, where you can take a woodland walk under the cool trees and go up to the lookout tower, as the panorama of the neighbourhood, the Small Balaton, Badacsony and Keszthely can be seen only from the tower. You can also visit ‘Kilátó’ (Lookout) Wine Bar. We know that 15 minutes are very few at the wine bars or the lookout tower, the sight itself and the beauty of the landscape deserves more time. Therefore you can interrupt your sightseeing trip and get out of the train at any of the above-mentioned stops.

In the time agreed with the driver, you can sit back to the train with the same ticket - even several hours later - and continue with your round trip. The 50 minutes spent on the train, during which we will travel 11 kms will help you learn about the city and provides guidance. Explore the city by the DOTTO Tourist Train and you will be richer with unforgettable experiences! In case of bad weather, we provide closed wagons.

You can purchase your travel ticket upon boarding on DOTTO Tourist Train from the driver.

New program! On a new route

Free wine tasting within the framework of sightseeing, with the environmentally friendly DOTTO ADVENTURE BUS!

ADVENTURE RAILWAY SERVICE will be started with guided sightseeing and wine tour. Within the framework of this program, the guests arriving by the ADVENTURE BUS will be invited to a free wine tasting held in Arany Pince, which is a more than 150-year-old wine cellar or in the St. Orban tavern. During the sightseeing, we will visit the hotels, the spa, the city centre with the Main Square, the arboretum, the Church of Divine Mercy, the confectionery shop, the series of restaurants, St. Stephen’s Square, the school, the kindergarten and the pottery workshop where you can get an insight into the workflow of ceramics preparation and where you can purchase souvenirs. In the series of wine cellars, we will take a look at the statue of St. Orban, the Votive stone cross and the “Csire” cellar that has become declared a monument. During our wine tour, we will take a small walk to the most beautiful and highest lookout point of Zalakaros where you will surely be amazed by the picturesque panorama. It is possible to see Badacsony, the Tanú Hills, the Small Balaton, Keszthely and Zalamerenye, the small village nestling among the mountains. Thereafter, children will be awaited with a playground and the adults will receive wine tasting for free, provided by Arany Pince or St. Orban winery. In the charming wine cellars with a relaxed atmosphere, the fragrant and luscious wines offer special experience during wine tastings. In both places, it is possible to purchase wine also for take-away. Our journey will continue through the Old Village. You can see St. Anne’s Church, the Heroes’ Square and the old village houses. The pleasant 2 hours spent in the program will be made unforgettable by the local fine wines, the sights of the city and the landscape and the green DOTTO ADVENTURE BUS.

You can purchase your travel ticket upon boarding on DOTTO Adventure Bus from the driver.

Would you like to participate in a great program?

Try the Dotto Adventure Bus of Zalakaros - and this special vehicle will make your program unforgettable!

Trip by the DOTTO Tourist Train to the buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta and to the Small Balaton!

We would like to offer a wonderful program to all of our guests. We cordially invite you to a half-day trip by DOTTO Tourist Train at the Small Balaton and in the Buffalo Reserve of Kápolnapuszta, which will be a real experience for children and adults, as well.

During the trip, you will get familiar with the history of the Small Balaton, the Buffalo Reserve of Kápolnapuszta and the towns visited during the trip. The interactive exhibition placed in the reception building of the buffalo reserve presents the particularly rich and unique flora and fauna of the Small Balaton. In the 30-hectare area of the reserve, there are 200 buffalos - this is Hungary’s largest unique buffalo population. The gentleness of the stock allows for a direct contact with the visitors. You can learn about the behaviour of the buffalos and other animals living in the reserve, such as: deers, goats, donkeys, ground squirrels and grey cattle by going through the 1 km walkway equipped with resting places and lookout points. After visiting the reserve, we will move to Small Balaton, the attractiveness of which is given by the rich bird life and the magic natural environment. In addition to the nearly 250 bird species observed, many animal and plant species - which are very rare today - find a nesting place in this area. You can access the island through a wooden bridge with a special view, where a lookout towen and walking trails await you.

You can do all this by travelling by DOTTO Tourist Train and you will be richer with unforgettable experiences!

Guests arriving by the DOTTO Tourist Train can purchase discounted tickets to the buffalo reserve.
You can purchase tickets and get more information on the DOTTO Tourist Train.

In case of bad weather, we provide closed wagons. (Departure in case of application by at least 10 adults.)

Be part of our programs of high standard and make it one of your pleasant, extraordinary memories!