Forest railway

State Forest Railway in Csömödér

The most emblematic character of the countryside in Zala County is the forest railway network of ZALAERDŐ Zrt. which entangles a part of the forests in the county, in the length of 109 kilometres. The passenger trains run according to timetable from the end of April until the end of September, between Lenti and Kistolmács, in the length of 32 kilometres. Special trains are started in case of certain festivals such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, St Martin’s Day or St Nicholas’ Day. Bicycle transporting carriages can be connected to the train if it is requested. You can find the actual timetable on our website.

There are several tourist routes connected to the railway, both for cycling and for hiking. You can see the exhibition of “Treasures of Göcsej, the forest and the tree” in Lenti, at the end station of the forest railway. With the help of the document, photo and object materials of the exhibition visitors can have a glance into the colourful world of the typical and valuable forests in Göcsej, into the hard and unselfish work of the foresters working for them, into the history of the almost 200-year-old forest railway, into the results of red deer breeding and last but not least into the memories of the saw-industry in Lenti.

Railway timetable

Forest railway